The Blackout?

What ever happened to that blog, The Broken Covenant?

Well, contrary to popular belief, we are still here and still writing albeit we aren’t posting anything.  We moved physically from New Hampshire in the United States, south down the coast to the state of North Carolina.  Having started a new job, (blogging and swordsmanship don’t pay the bills) we found ourselves inundated with new responsibilities, new opportunities to learn, and new passions to pursue.  The Broken Covenant had to take a back seat until all the chaos settled.

So, What have we been doing?   I’m happy to say that with the blessing of my Sensei in New Hampshire, Cape Fear Doshikai is now a reality.  Our classes are very small, but we are hoping to see an increased interest in Traditional Japanese Swordsmanship as we make our presence known.  We have also joined with the Myrtle Beach Kendo Club and have happily taken part in many practices and lost gallons of sweat practicing with the great and knowledgeable Ariga Sensei.  His patience and knowledge are invaluable.

There are many many drafts that have been written for the blog that have unfortunately, not met my standards.  These are my own drafts and in my opinion will never be as good as I hope them to be.  Our other writers have been working hard as well but without my leadership have fallen into the same rut of writing without posting.

I would like to thank SkuldtheValkyrie and Rev.Grim for keeping the site from being a complete ghost town.

Look forward to some new material to be posted forthwith and as always, be safe and be love.





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