The Art in the Way

Art, can be defined as the creative expression of thought and emotion through intimate knowledge of one’s perception of the self. It is the truest form of communication. To create art, one must know their medium so intimately as to be able to express the nature of your soul through the act of artistic manipulation of your raw materials. The nature of the medium must be understood to be no different from that of the artist. Communication through a medium takes place when the illusion of separation is set aside. To be a Martial artist, martialist, or martial athlete  is nearly the same thing. However, the act is as important as the effect for the artist. For the martial artist, continuation of the practice is the goal.  This may lead some to believe that artistic skill cannot be effective when confronted by technical skill.

This is a false assumption that is held by many today. Obtaining technical skill is a precursor to any artistic endeavor. An artist must know his tools well enough to communicate with them. What many martial sports have lost is a firm base in a martial philosophy. This philosophy would demand that victory over an opponent be sought as an end to any martial action. However, technical skill applied to obtain victory is not Art unless there is a component of honest self expression applied as part of that victory.  Understanding that your opponent and the self are in fact part of a single whole is the first step.  To obtain a victory The martial artist will understand that no aspect of their practice can be divorced from any other.  Separating form from function and function from intention will result in something other than art.

Art is communicative by nature and requires a deep understanding of one’s own perception and intentions. This knowledge need not be conscious but must exist all the same. This is why the truly great among athletes can be said to be artists as well. They communicate their intentions through their actions without conscious effort and thus obtain what the artist seeks. This is an accident and is rare. Even war can be an artistic endeavor under the right circumstances.

Art has no material substance outside of the minds of practitioners and admirers. Paper is paper and paint is paint. Sound is just noise until emotions and ideas are expressed through it. Only the communicative value assigned to it makes paper and paint into art and sound into a force that can move a person to tears. Thus, it cannot be owned by anyone but the individual artist and those who receive the information being communicated. The student learns from the teacher. Under the instruction of a good teacher, the student will be brought to the edge of understanding. He will learn not only the physical skills necessary to perform the techniques of the art, but he will also learn the philosophical beliefs of his master as they relate to the art. The student will also be encouraged to form his own philosophy after preconceptions have been eliminated. If the student is ready, he will make the art his own. At this point, the art becomes the possession of that student; for good or for ill, that student owns his art. He is free to do with it as he pleases.


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