Manifesting Reality: Taking Hold of potential

Our internal dialog can tell us a great deal about the true intent that motivates us.  Often, the true intentions of an individual will appear to manifest out of the void to meet their every move with the fruits of intention which seem to fly in the face of conscious or declared intention.  Individuals who fall victim to their own attitude can be seen to be locked in a furious struggle with themselves while they blindly stagger through life leaving a wake of disruption and un-channeled potential.  These are the people who constantly berate themselves or dismiss their own good ideas and potential as irrelevant or worse, unattainable.  These people have fallen into a pit where fear of failure and lust for a result hinders even their smallest notions of self-acceptance, love, respect, value, honesty etc.

Avoiding this form of self sabotage is vital to personal growth and developing an aptitude for doing what is right for us and our path in life.  Learning to be at peace with oneself will allow us to begin to notice how we are, in relation to the world around us, and notice the multitude of currents and eddies in the potential that we exist in.  Learning to quiet the mind and look in an accepting way at how we are on an emotional, physical, personal, and social level will give us the ability to notice what reality truly is as it flows around us. It can also provide an inkling of the notion that perhaps we can flow smoothly and effortlessly with it into places and circumstances where we wish to be.  It would appear to us as though everything we want in life is being delivered to us by the universe or by our own power or creation.  Intention is a rudder in the flow of potential that surrounds us.  A self-deprecating mind will continuously be reflected back by the potential it interacts with.  The deliberate mind, on the other hand, will manifest intent that is loving, accepting, challenging, and nurturing.  In either instance, the manifest reality that is reflected back at us will be only what is right and welcoming as we make our way along the path.


– Rev. Abel


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